doblePRIME Delphi

Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitor

doblePRIME Delphi

The doblePRIME Delphi is a dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitor that helps you track transformer health by providing early warning signs of problems such as overheating, insulation degradation or mechanical movement within the transformer.

The doblePRIME Delphi provides this valuable information in real time, second by second, through analysis of the insulating oil.

The Delphi is immune to oil surges and vacuums that may affect other sensors; in addition, the Delphi contains self-testing diagnostics to monitor its own performance.

Designed to fit your monitoring program, the doblePRIME Delphi can operate as a standalone dissolved gas analysis monitor or as part of a doblePRIME™ Condition Monitoring Platform.

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    • Patented vacuum resistant membrane prevents failure during oil surges, maintenance or other activities
    • Single valve application – useful when there are limited valves
    • Rapid response – less than 8 minutes for 90% response to step change
    • Alarms and closing contacts – relays, digital and analog outputs
    • Available as a composite gas monitor or hydrogen monitor in standard and mini versions

    • Cost-effective updates on transformer health between regular DGA samples
    • Alerts you when there is a sudden change in dissolved gas levels due to a developing fault within the transformer
    • Notifications give you time to plan instead of reacting to a failure
    • Actionable intelligence helps you determine what steps to take: maintenance, testing, load management, replacement
    • Use as a standalone product, networked to existing SCADA system, or as part of a doblePRIME Condition Monitoring Platform

  • Choose which doblePRIME Delphi best fits your on-line monitoring needs:
    The Delphi Mini The Delphi Standard The Delphi Stand Mount
    The Delphi Mini - Compact, On-line Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitor The Delphi Standard - DGA monitor with built-in pump to circulate oil The Delphi Stand Mount - DGA monitor for difficult-to-reach locations or with excessive vibrations
    The Delphi Mini is a compact, on-line DGA monitor with built in communications, data storage and analysis The Delphi Standard is a larger monitor that also measures moisture and includes a built-in pump to circulate oil The Delphi Stand Mount is for locations where access to a valve is difficult or where there may be excessive vibrations, e.g., reactors

    Each version comes with:

    • Built-in screen to display current values and for the user to set alarm levels
    • 4-20 mA analog outputs
    • RS485 communication via Delphi Diagnose software
    • Relay alarm contacts
    • Data storage for historic trending


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